Where focus is on learning and practice.

Laboratory sessions for Learning & Practise
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Coaching Lab

Coaching lab events are focused on improvement of coaching skills for organisational and business coaches.

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Start-up Lab

Start-up lab event focuses on learning about method and tools , it helps the entrepreneur to have prototypes and data to measure and learn from.

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Leadership Lab

Leadership is not positional its situational and is based on action and what better then laboratory session for learning how to develop leadership skills.

Many other

Versatile Lab is developing some other exciting laboratory sessions, stay in touch.

Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Start-up Coaching, Organisational Design

Versatile’s passion is for helping clients achieve sustainable growth through coaching, consultancy and training. We help you grow your products and services by developing your capacity to adapt and learn. With partners and collaborators in countries throughout Europe and Asia, Versatile cares about supporting clients to evolve and expand.

Our Team


Business Coach
A passionate ‘serial entrepreneur’, Saket has spent his career helping organisations and teams achieve sustainable growth. This experience led Saket to develop the “Versatile Leadership” development framework Saket is also passionate about creative cooking and general aviation.

Jane/ John Dow

We are looking for passionate people to join us.