January 5, 2016

About Us

Versatile has a passion for helping clients achieve sustainable growth through coaching, consultancy, and training.

With partners and collaborators in various countries throughout Europe and Asia, no matter where you are or what industry or field you operate in, Versatile cares about supporting you to evolve and expand in a way that lasts.

Our core methods to support you are:

  • Coaching – Business, Executive, Life, Innovation, and Agile & Lean
  • Mentoring – Startup and Technical
  • Training – Structured experiences focused on Management 3.0, Innovation Management, R&D Management, Agile, Lean, Lean Startups, Cultural Compatibility, Leadership Development, Change Leadership, Leadership Innovation, and Leadership Pipeline Development.


We believe your organisation’s capacity to adapt and learn is the key to better product development and delivery of service, along with employee happiness and commitment.
We will help you achieve this through:


  • Observation
  • Care (for your business) and


  • Common sense (applied in the right context)

At Versatile, the right context is always practical. Hence our ‘LAB’ concept…

What is a LAB?

A LAB(oratory) is:

  • a place to experiment
  • a place to test theories and models
  • a place to learn the practical side of leadership in a controlled environment

Any training course will give you the theory of improvement. A Versatile LAB will give you the latest theoretical tools and practical and useful experience of applying them.

At Versatile, we offer LABs focused on Leadership, Coaching, Startups, and more…

Laboratory apparatus.


If you want to know exactly how Versatile can strengthen your business, get in touch. We’re looking forward to working with you.