Training from the Back of the Room

Versatile is proud to launch,

Training from The Back of the Room

Accelerate learning and help your clients gather sustainable knowledge in an active and fun way:

Training from the BACK of the Room! enables you and your clients to develop their collaborative learner-engagement and experience the joy of learning in an active, creative and fun way.- A way that makes the information stick. To achieve this, we apply the most current cognitive neuroscience about effective instructions to design and deliver courses and trainings that are truly brainfriendly.Sharon L. Bowman ́s best-selling books ”Training from the BACK of the Room!” and “Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick” are the basis for her training concept.

We practice what we teach:
This training is a learning experience made for the learner, in this case: for you.
In our workshop you will experience yourself how the brain takes in, stores, retrieves and uses knowledge in creative, collaborative ways. Exploring the principles of Training from the BACK of the Room! is packed with interactive learning, experiments, activity and fun.
And it ́s practical – Your outcome is about your topics and materials.
While you learn you about it, you can combine the material you already use with the brainbased concepts and strategies of Training from the BACK of the Room!. Additional to this you can choose and use helpful activities and tools to create more effective training classes, programs or other instructional formats. Regardless of the complexity of the topic, size of the class, or level of learners!

in collaboration with The Third Art, Germany.

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